Empowerment Zone!

At TFS, we seek to understand and render services in a comprehensive, whole way.  It is in this spirit that we present the Empowerment Zone.

Rarely is a testimonial given about rebuilding financial stability without the presence of feelings of shame, remorse, anger, frustration, or other negative feelings.  When dealing with creditors or having to retrain well-ingrained patterns, rebuilding stability can seem impossible, if not daunting.  The good news that TFS’ Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) department wants to share is simple:  You are not alone.  You can do this.  We will help.

I can speak to this struggle personally.  At one point, while living on the thinnest shoestring possible, I resorted to using my credit cards.  Before long, it seemed that the mountain of debt had become insurmountable.  I felt so ashamed that I had made the decision to use my cards.  I felt angry that I had to use them to keep gas in my car so I could get to the job that didn’t pay the bills I was incurring.  I felt like everyone assumed that if I had credit card debt, it was the result of too many Coach bags or Jimmy Choos.  I had none of that to show for my debt.  I just had the anxiety that came from seeing a 1-800 number show up on caller ID, knowing that the funds to make the situation right were still not available to me, no matter how much I worked.

The day I picked up the phone to approach my creditors was terrifying.  I felt unprepared and inadequate to the task.  The days, however, that followed as I worked a plan were empowering.  I negotiated down some of the balances I owed and did research on my rights, making sure I was taking advantage of the protections I didn’t even know I was entitled to.

To have a support system as you go through this scenario is invaluable.  To have professionals who can help you navigate the dangerous passages, as well as guide you toward the areas of repose is an advantage not afforded to everyone.  Most of all, however, to have your empowerment returned to you so that you can be you without the anxiety and fear and shame and self doubt (or whatever your emotional preference is) is a benefit beyond measure.

Our professionals in CCCS are able to help.  They’ve created the Empowerment Zone for just such an occasion.  Come, get information, get empowerment, and get on with the life you should be living!

Empowerment Zone
Blue Ridge Location
2:30 – 4:00 pm, Wednesday, March 13, 2013
919.821.1170 for more details

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