Tuesdays with Triangle: Julie Sager

Julie Sager

Today I would like to introduce you to Julie Sager.  She is the Director
of the Financial Stability Division, which includes the Emergency Housing
Program and Consumer Credit Counseling Program.  Julie is a disabled
veteran who used her VA benefits to get a degree in Social Work from NC
State.  Her first contact with Triangle Family Services was as an intern
and we never let her go!

When asked about her most memorable experience at TFS, she discusses the
Homelessness Prevention Rapid Rehousing stimulus money for the emergency
housing program that came through in 2009.  “This money allowed us to
help clients on a much deeper level than we had been able to do
before.”  Even during challenging financial times, Julie keeps
frustration at bay by focusing on “the good that comes from the efforts
and mission of the organization.”  She points to the example of her
staff launching a financial literacy program for youth despite the tight
funding issues.

Julie considers her biggest achievement as working with and advocating for
clients who are in need.  Her involvement in community initiatives aimed
at helping the homeless are a point of professional and personal pride.
“This year I was able to participate in the National 100K Homes
Project.  I went into the homeless community with interns and staff to
help interview and get accurate medical information from the homeless
population in Wake County.  This information is used to prioritize housing
so that the people most likely to die on the streets get housed first.”
She is actively involved in our partnership with United Way and serves on the
Raleigh Wake Partnership to End Homelessness.

Julie’s typical workday can last up to 11 hours and includes reporting and
invoicing, dealing with upset clients, supervising staff around client
services, managing the facility and attending all levels of meetings around her
two programs.  Julie and I frequently laugh while comparing the glamorous
tasks we each get to do as agency leaders… plunging the toilets, picking up trash
in the parking lot, disposing of bugs, etc.  How does she have time for
her family with such a hectic work schedule?  She has a great strategy for
incorporating her family into her day, “I bring them with me to events and
sometimes make them help with office work.”

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