Getting to Know Nellie Mejia

Triangle Family Services would not be able to provide the help to the families in need if it were not for their hard working staff. Nellie Mejia is one of many that have helped Triangle Family Services become the successful non-profit company they are today.

Nellie Mejia

Nellie Mejia was born and raised in El Paso, Texas but was forced to move when her husbands job brought them to North Carolina. A good friend of Nellie’s worked for Triangle Family Services and told her of an opening that had become available and told her she should apply. Nellie is Bilingual which is exactly a trait Triangle Family Services was looking for in a person to hire. Nellie wanted to make a difference in the world and what better place to do it than Triangle Family Services. She now is an IFC Intake Coordinator here at TFS and said she could not imagine ever wanting to work anywhere else. “The most rewarding part about working here at Triangle Family Services is seeing the changes clients go through while successfully going through their treatment” said Nellie during our interview. This shows the kind of person Nellie is and how much she cares for the families that come into Triangle Family Services day in and day out. Nellie continued by saying “There is no else to work that is so rewarding.”

When asked to give her favorite quote Nellie Mejia simply said “Be the change you want to see” which I believe not only sums up the entire interview but the entire staff here at Triangle Family Services.

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