Good News for Fast Food Consumers

Unfortunately I found myself having to eat some fast food this morning. However, as soon as I got in the office I saw an NPR article online about how McDonald’s will be making their Happy Meals healthier starting in September! They are cutting the french fry portion in half and adding a fruit or veggie into every single kid’s meal, instead of having to replace the fry with fruit. Childhood obesity has risen to 12.5 million in America (information sourced here), so hopefully the company’s efforts will begin changing the way food is prepared for children.

They are also cutting the sodium by 15% across their menu. Which is important for North Carolinians since 28.6% of us have high blood pressure, putting us at #11 nationally (information sourced here).

Please read the whole article here for additional information about these changes. Though McDonald’s will not be able to affect the obesity problem in America single-handedly, this is a start. Proper nutrition and exercise is important for all of our daily lives.

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