“One is the loneliest number…”


As of today, I am proud to be able to declare myself an additional marketing and development intern to the Triangle Family Services team. My name is Melinda Hall and I am a follow Raleighite, born and raised. After graduating high school, I left Raleigh for two years to attend UNC Greensboro. However, I realized the Triangle was still home for me and now I am finishing my last semester at NC State this fall. Come December I will be a graduate from the Poole College of Management with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing.

Since I was enrolled in kindergarten, my mother began instilling the importance of being an active member of my community in me. I have volunteered with a wide variety of organizations over the past 17 years and am excited to truly utilize my talents and skills for TFS. Observing and working for Alice Lutz, CEO, and Tiffany Mielnik, Agency Coordinator, both of whom are intelligent and composed women, shall be a rewarding experience in which I can gain information that coursework alone would have never given me. I will also be working alongside Michael Mann, another marketing intern, whose first impression has lead me to believe is an extremely competent and hard working young man.

As this is my first day, I cannot say much about my experience here other than the entire family at TFS has been nothing short of warm and welcoming. I look forward to working and communicating with all the employees, volunteers, and any community members that I happen to encounter while I am here!


Melinda Hall

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