Upcoming TFS Workshops

Triangle Family Services has many great workshops coming up that can help you with mortgage management all the way to key budget and credit issues. Check out our website for more information and a calendar listing the dates and times for the events. 

Our Identity Theft Workshop is coming up Monday, June 20th at 6:00pm. This workshop will show you how to protect your good name from identity thieves. This workshop topic is one that often doesn’t get much attention until a thief robs you of your financial identity. Be prepared by learning all you can to prevent ID theft from happening to you.

Please call 919-821-1770 or email cccs@tfsnc.org to reserve your place in class!

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  1. Anne

    My husband had his identity hijacked several years ago. We think someone who was working in the house got hold of his social security number and applied for two credit cards. Luckily, we got wind of it early. Wish I had taken this workshop and known more about how to protect ourselves!

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