A Word From CEO Alice Lutz

A Word From Alice:

Mary* is a single mother of 2 children. She came to Triangle Family Services in September, 2010 and requested Emergency Housing Assistance to avoid eviction. She had fallen behind in her rent during the summer months due to the high cost of daycare, which was $800.00 per month. Mary was employed part-time as a medical billing representative. Mary had two goals with Triangle Family Services: to focus on housing and to develop and maintain a budget. With the assistance of her Case Manager, she was successful in finding affordable housing and managing her expenses. Mary attended the case management sessions which focused on budgeting and money management. She was also successful in gaining full-time employment and reducing her daycare costs. Mary effectively completed the 1st phase of the Wake County supported NOTCH program in December, 2010 and since then has attended the 3 month follow-up session and currently remains in permanent housing. This is but one such success story of the thousands that happen yearly at Triangle Family Services.

*Client’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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