N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund (MPP) Info Session

N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund (MPP) – an information session
that explains all the requirements to be approved for a zero-interest
loan that can make your mortgage payments while you are looking for
a job. It is for those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their
own, or experienced certain temporary setbacks. In the Triangle
region, the loan amount is up to $24,000. The loan can be used in a
combination of ways to bring your delinquent mortgage current, to pay
your mortgage while you are looking for work, and even to cover your
payments while you are enrolled in a formal retraining program. The
loan is forgiven if you live in your home 10 yrs. Sessions held weekly.

All sessions are free, but require advance registration – call 919-821-1770 or email cccs@tfsnc.org.

Upcoming workshops:

  • April 7, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • April 14, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • April 21, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • April 28, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • May 5, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • May 12, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • May 19, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • May 26, 10-11:30am (Durham Co. Library-East Branch)
  • June 2, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • June 9, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • June 16, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • June 23, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)
  • June 30, 10-11:30am (Raleigh TFS office)

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