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Rebuilding Triangle, One House at a Time

A BIG thank you to the Leadership Raleigh Alumni Association for assisting us with renovations! Checkout the article featuring our staff members Tiffany and Dan.

An excerpt from the article:

“On April 1, about 15 volunteers from the Leadership Raleigh Alumni Association gathered at the building, which Triangle Family Services occupied about a year-and-a-half ago. At Triangle Family Services, volunteers have been pitching in to improve the building the agency purchased two years ago on Western Boulevard in Raleigh.” Triangle Business Journal’s Todd Cohen.

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Change the Triangle

Checkout the Change the Triangle (the triangle’s young adult volunteer organization) organization’s website for exclusive events and programs to attend in the following weeks! We invite and encourage all of our readers to pass the website onto friends and family so that we can help our community with increased volunteering efforts!

If you think of life as like a big pie, you can try to hold the whole pie and kill yourself trying to keep it, or you can slice it up and give some to the people around you, and you still have plenty left for yourself.
Jay Leno

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National Hug a Friend Day

Today is National Hug a Friend Day! Hold on tight to that someone who has helped make an impact in your life and shaped the person you are today! Make sure to thank and hug that friend, volunteer, intern, staffmember!


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DOSE Client Story

Just a little insight into the impact that our services has made onto our clients. Our staff, interns, and volunteers work endlessly to provide quality service and assistance to the triangle community. The following is a letter that was written from one of our clients to Triangle Family Services.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my sincerest thanks to Triangle Family Services and to
share as a testimony to my successful completion of the DOSE program.

One year ago, I found myself in a situation that I never thought that I will find myself
in. I had slapped my wife of 11 years for the first time in the face out of rage. I was
then ordered by the court to attend the DOSE program. The tools that I learned by the
instructors have been extremely helpful in my day to day life.

I have learned multiple techniques such as “I statements, cool downs, time outs,
communication tools, ABC’s, listening skills, trigger points etc…” It has been a blessing
to learn and master these techniques.

It has been a difficult year due to my separation and life adjustment. However, my
instructors continued to encourage us by reminding us that we have options. It’s amazing
how I am able to handle myself during situations that once use to trigger a negative
outburst. My wife has not made this separation easy for me. I have been doing my all to
gain her trust and relationship back. We have not made any progress in our relationship
but not once this year have I reacted negatively through verbal, physical, or emotional
abuse. I am able to process the situation instantly, think of the outcome or consequence,
and then respond in a positive manner or wait until the appropriate time to response.

I am not a certify instructor or counselor in social interaction with others but I find
myself on many occasions advising peers and young boys I mentor when it comes to
relationships, communication, and how to respond to certain situations all because of
the knowledge that I have gained through the DOSE program. Feel free to contact me if
you will like for me to share my testimony with a DOSE group or your board of trustees.
Again I want to thank the friendly and helpful staff at Triangle Family Services.


***Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Booker T. Washington

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WRAL Telethon Benefitting Triangle Tornado Clean Up

Telethon on WRAL today from 5:45 am – 8:00 pm to donate to the Red Cross efforts to help with the tornado devastation!

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4/16/2011 Storm

Checkout this video uploaded from a Raleigh resident of yesterday’s tornadoes that hit North Carolina. As told from Ned Barnett from, “North Carolina accounted for the bulk of casualties and property losses, with 22 people killed and more than 80 others injured in a string of tornadoes that ripped through the state Saturday night.

Houses were flattened, cars and trucks tossed like matchsticks and planes blown off the tarmac at a local airport. Uprooted trees, poles and debris snapped power lines, cutting electricity to more than 200,000 people in North Carolina.”

Our hearts go out to those affected by yesterday’s storm, we hope all of our clients, followers, family, and friends are safe. Please feel free to post any pictures or stories of yesterday’s storm.

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