From NY to NC, TFS’ Emergency Housing Assists a Family of Three

At Triangle Family Services, we host a variety of programs ranging from financial stability to mental health, and emergency housing. The story below is about a client who we were able to help and we hope this story will help our supporters understand better what it is exactly we do. Thanks for reading!

A single, 29-year old, mother of two children (ages 5 & 10) came to Triangle Family Services seeking assistance with housing.Tara had relocated from New York to North Carolina in June 2009 because of domestic violence. Tara was employed in NY, full-time at a car dealership. Tara and her children were homeless and living at a domestic violence shelter. Her abuser located her in NC and that’s how she ended up at the shelter.

She went from having some stability in her life to living in a shelter with no income. With the joint efforts of Triangle Family Services’ case manager and Tara, she was able to locate housing for her and her two children. Shortly after she moved into her new home, Tara gained employment. The position was temp-to-hire and the hours weren’t ideal for her because she was required to work evenings and weekends, which was difficult being a single mother in a new state with no family support.

Tara did not give up, she continued working while looking for another position. Right before her case was closed, she gained employment at a technology company working full-time with a salary that could support her and her family comfortably.

Tara stated that without the assistance of TFS she believes she would’ve had no choice but to move back to New York with her abuser.

***Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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